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On The Road Again

May 10, 2014

Around 13ish hour drive from home to Chicago. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. It actually flew by and I highly enjoyed it. I slept for the most part when Jeff was driving and he was subjected to me belting it out to my favorite thing to listen to ever: Once More With Feeling- the Buffy soundtrack to the musical episode. We’ve actually listened to it twice so far (from home to Chicago and from Chicago to Iowa). I’m sure I’ll be singing to it again.

We drove past downtown Chicago and it was quite the eyeopener. I was hypnotized for that part of the drive. The buildings and the lights. To know of all the commotion that was going on there- all the shenanigans (as Jeff would say). I met his parents and younger sister, and some friends for happy hour. All lovely people. The Chicago accent is a hoot. And his younger sister reminds me of Daria. You know, the MTV classic. Oh and I love how his mother is into indie alternative rock- she’s quite the hipster. I dig it. And what a tasty chef- dank breakfasts were made both mornings. My stomach is grateful.

The drive up to Wisconsin was unexpected. Another state can be checked off my list of places that I’ve been. We went to Chili’s. One noteworthy fact is that our waitress had a small tattoo on her right forearm saying “out there”. Might be the best tattoo I’ve ever seen.

After spending the day in Chicago Jeff and I headed to Des Moines, Iowa.  Watched the Wizards until they started failing and same goes for the Blackhawks game. Shucks. We’ll get’em next time.

Here are some collages because I know how everyone likes to look at pictures over reading.

Pictures of the state signs, duck eggs in Jeff’s parent’s front yard, his house, me driving to Chicago and the two of us watching the Blackhawks game.


This other collage is the Nats game that got rained out before we left (had never seen that before- it was neat. They put the Wizards game on once the game got delayed). Jeff and his roommate, Charles. Jeff driving to Chicago, Maryland state line, Chicago skyline, Melanie in my lap a few days before the trip (I miss my Tamtam and Melmel), Mom, Z&S at the Sheep and Wool festival a couple days before we left (Jeff got there just in time for the most interesting part of the festival= sheep shearing. Chick was ripped). Pennsylvania state sign and last but not least, Maria and Dylan. My main lady and my main little man. I suppose I’m feeling nostalgic.


.. What can I say, I’m living the dream.. On our way to Denver, Colorado tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Kierney.

Haha also, Jeff told his grandma that my name was Andre and I’m a big black man. I don’t see that as too far off.

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  1. caroline permalink
    May 10, 2014 11:42 am

    Thanks for the post. Enjoyed the pics.

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