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Bad Omen

December 28, 2011
Hello blog readers. Thanks for taking an interest! I’m Anna Gochenour.  I think Matt did a suffice job introducing me.  How has everyone liked his first few filler *cough* I mean, pre-trip posts?
First day on the bike and I was extremely excited! I have been talking about this to family and friends for a while now and I’m too thrilled to have finally got the show on the road! Since Matt and I are trying to spend the least amount of money as possible, we each had a banana and an apple for breakfast- this is way different form usual, which is definitely going to take some getting use to.  After we get the saddle bag situation figured out and have a failed attempt at installing the motorcycle alarm WE TAKE OFF RIDING (yay) at 12 (quite behind schedule due to a few unseen circumstances). Five minutes later, no joke, it starts pouring out – can you say bad omen, or what? We wait it out for about a half an hour and hit the road. My bum is in pain an hour and a half into the ride (so much for the Airhawk helping.. jk, it probably did).

Speeding through the air, seeing all the palm trees- I love riding!

By the time 7 rolls around, Matt and I make it to Gainesville FL; the sun is set and it’s chilly out. Matt and I decide to tough it out as long as possible since we’re already behind schedule (did I mention this was the first day?). An hour passes and we are ice: I’m sure it’s worse for Matt since he’s riding straight into the wind, but my feet are freezing, my legs are close to numb, my arms and hands aren’t doing much better, and to top it all off, I had started talking to myself inside my full-face helmet – I think I was starting to loose it a little. I hope it doesn’t get that cold again for the rest of the trip.

To end our magnificent first day we had Denny’s for dinner and we’re staying at a Super 8 (which is where the picture was taken). Classy, huh?

Can’t wait for more mañana.

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  1. December 28, 2011 5:09 am

    I love the shirt Anna! Where is your goal destination for tomorrow? Alsoooo get your butt on skype guys!

  2. Caroline aka Mom permalink
    December 28, 2011 3:07 pm

    So nice to hear from you. Great post and picture. Surely, it can only get dryer and warmer. Dad and I miss you very much already. Be safe.

  3. agochen permalink*
    December 29, 2011 2:17 am

    Love you, Mom! I miss you and Dad, too.

    Thanks, Jess- that was a fun day with you when I got it 😉
    Our goal for tomorrow is Baton Rouge, LA. This cold front is really slowing us down. No big though, I mean I think it’s not an adventure until things go wrong so we’ve got the adventure part down haha. & yea, we do need to do that soon. It’ll def be happening once I can’t use my phone any more in Mexico.

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