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Un Mes Más

December 3, 2011

In a little less than a month Anna and I start our journey from the US to Ushuia (the bottom of South America) and back with a quick detour to Anchorage Alaska.  The trip will be at least 40,000 miles and take about 6-7 months.  The really fun part is our budget.

Our mission:

To set foot in every country in North, South and Central America.  Meet amazing people in amazing places and return with all appendages intact.

The bike:

A 2006 Honda Shadow 750 with very little modification.  Engine guards for the inevitable crashes and mustang seats for the inevitable aching butt.  The total space available in the luggage on the bike is less than what is  allowed in a carry on suitcase.  A set of saddlebags for the bike gear and a main bag on the back for our clothes.

The motorcycle is completely the wrong bike for the trip but she’s pretty and we love her still.  Typically, for a trip like this you would take something more like an enduro or a touring bike.  Our girl is a street bike made for nice paved roads, not for snow covered mountain roads or dirt highways in south Argentina.

My companion:

A recent GMU grad named Anna Gochenour who is not afraid of what is ahead.  Anna is most excited about the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the famous nightlife of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Wish us luck!

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  1. Caroline Gochenour permalink
    December 24, 2011 6:48 pm

    Very well started blog! I’m excited about hearing about all your adventures. Most importantly stay together and stay safe. love you guys

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